Thirty songs that made our life better during the Autumn of 2020.

It’s such a cliché to mention every three months how peculiar and difficult has been our daily life due to COVID-19 and the restrictions we have to follow every day, that this time we’ll go straight to the songs we’ve been listening to in our office during the autumn we passed.

So, what kind of music rolled out this time? Well, some all time classic jazzy tunes came to our attention, though Chryssa in our office can’t stand the sound of the trumpet, like the magnificent live sessions of Thelonious Monk from Palo Alto, or the intimate “Cantaloupe Island” by Herbie Hancock, an all time fave of our graphic designer, Vangelis.

From there on, we adored the new songs by Andrew Bird, The Weather Station, Fleet Foxes and Doves, travelled in time with INXS, Sade and Paul Oakenfold, to name a few. As for our new starlights, Shamir, Billie Eilish, Rosalía and Róisin Murphy did a great job.

Come on, grab your headphones!

*On image are displayed Ares’ Beats wireless headphones.