12 songs for Astralón, curated by Bertan Dobada from Pestemal.

Shortly after the first Jukebox by our partners from Vimitex company, it’s time for the next one! 

Intending to create a special spring playlist, we contacted a person who loves music, multiculturalism and highlights the beauty of every person in the center of Athens and the beautiful neighborhood of Plaka.

The DJ of this new Jukebox is Bertan Dobada, founder of the Pestemal brand, the physical and online store. Together with Katerina Orfanou, they started the company in 2013 and they opened the first concept store in the historical center of Athens very soon. Ιnspired from traditional Turkish towels, the aim is to create updated versions of them in different colors and designs, always with high-quality materials, for various uses. Having developed a dynamic wholesale network in Greece and now abroad, it was rebranded as Pestemal Urban Things in 2020 and offers not only attractive towels but also homeware, accessories, and a wide range of handmade bags in all sizes and styles, which proves the continuous development and also the elegance possessed by the Pestemal team.

The aesthetics of each person, however, can also be seen in the music. And for that, Bertan Dobada’s musical selections for Astralón’s new Jukebox series could not be missing. With strong influences from his country of origin, Turkey, he introduces us to a special world full of disco, folk, pop, rock and psychedelic compositions, which is worth visiting!

So, Anatolian Flowers, listen to the Jukebox on Spotify or YouTube below. Learn more about Pestemal here.