12 songs for Astralón, curated by George Lazaridis & Georgia Polychroniadou from Vimitex Catering Equipment.

2023 has arrived and the Astralón team wasted no time. Our jukebox concept, in which we select tracks and make a playlist for all of us and you, continues!

The only difference in this jukebox is that we decided to evolve it. Our new project concerns our beloved partners’ playlists. Every now and then, they will create a playlist of their favourite songs, the ones that entertain them, relax them or fill them with emotions, while they match perfectly with their brand and company.

So, the first jukebox of this series is a fact and it is curated by the people of Vimitex, with whom we have collaborated since the first days of our route. Based in Thessaloniki, Vimitex has managed to have a strong international presence and reputation for its high level of quality, reliability and impeccable service. It is a second-generation family business, active in the field of mass catering equipment with 50 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Meanwhile, their founders and operators are known for their high aesthetics and their love for music. So, what’s better than to start our first Jukebox and contribute their taste, which balances perfectly between soul and jazz, rock and post-punk?

Listen to Vimitex Jukebox on Spotify or on YouTube below. Learn more about Vimitex here.