Discover them and learn as many foreign languages as you want from wherever you are.

They may have existed and been used widely in recent years, and while the quarantine period was an opportunity to attract more new users, the – free – language learning apps are an ideal solution to learning the language you’ve always wanted, even on your summer vacation by the beach!

Perhaps the most popular language-learning app in the world! Duolingo helps you to get in touch with more than 30 languages ​and get familiar with reading, writing and speaking at a very good level. With a short profile and unlimited free access, the application provides daily short “lessons” with a fun tone, which has important results in learning a new language for you and also in acquiring essential communication skills.

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This application is another very popular choice in online language learning. Drops, which has been chosen as the top of its kind in Play Store and Apple Store, has over 300.000 recorded ratings and offers significant advantages to anyone who chooses to learn one of the approximately 45 languages. By creating a profile based on your needs and objectives, Drops offers many features both for free and for its premium version, like almost all these apps, where learning the online languages of your choice becomes an enjoyable cognitive break!

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The next foreign language application we will mention is called Memrise. This one allows you to get in touch with 23 foreign languages, learning all the necessary elements of the languages for your trips through the application. Easy to use and with videos, where locals “teach” you the language, the Memrise app will take your hands off when your trip is approaching!

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An app with a few languages ​​available, but many extra features. And it’s called Babbel. This app gives its users a choice of only 13 languages ​​to learn, which is a small number compared to most of this kind of app. Babbel’s rise and development, however, lies not in how many languages ​​one can learn, but in how well one can learn them for free. From 2008, when it was created, until today, the subscribers exceed 10 million and the positive evaluations follow the same positive way. The app doesn’t just provide grammar and syntax exercises for each language, like many of its kind. Over the years, Babbel has had both a free and a subscription plan for each user, while there is also Babbel for Business, a particularly useful tool for businesses. At the same time, Babbel Live, Babbel Magazine and Babbel Podcasts, among others, are operating, framing the broad evolution of the platform.

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And finally, one more application is being used by the Astralón team. Gymglish was created by the Hidalgo company offering unique learning programs for five languages. Based on an individual story, the program of every language allows you to remember some knowledge you already have or to learn a foreign language from scratch. There is the possibility of a free first trial, it provides a variety of paid plans, and each of them focuses on the needs of each user, with personalized content, assessments, and a certificate after completing the course.

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