Our dearest artist Roubina Sarelakou presented her solo exhibition “from nature to geometry” jewellery – painting – engraving at the Zoumboulakis Galleries in October 2017. Few months before her next solo exhibition in Ioannina, we present you a case study of the wonderful route that we have together.

The exhibition was held in collaboration with the bookbinder Kostas Boudouris, while the curation belonged to the architect and professor of art history Yiannis Papaioannou. The artist was organising and working hard on this beautiful event for over one year, and so had our team, organising her digital presence while presenting her art through previous years.

The exhibition was an extraordinary challenge for everyone. Here are some key points:


Athens, Zoumboulakis Galleries

The Challenge

  • To engage and inform Roubina Sarelakou’s target audience.
  • To invite people and finally welcome them at the big opening night, and of course during the following 10 days of the exhibition at the gallery.
  • To create content that is absolutely accordant with the exhibition and the artist’s aesthetics.

Target Audience

Friends, friends of friends, artists and art lovers.



Our team developed and implemented a strategy based on the artist’s and the gallery’s needs, ensuring that our decisions are focused on the elements of digital marketing that are most relevant to both of them. As the world is moving from print to digital, we encouraged Roubina Sarelakou to trust the modern channels of communication and digitally invite all art lovers.

  • Facebook campaigns were held through Roubina Sarelakou’s Facebook Page before and during the exhibition.
  • A Facebook event was organised and co-hosted by the gallery, inviting and informing all attendees about the exhibition, the opening night and Yiannis Papaioannou’s guided tour.
  • A brief presentation of selected artwork was published two weeks before the opening date, as to give a hint of this admirable art creation.
  • We made sure to search the web and spot all different media that featured our exhibition or the artist itself. We also created content around selected partners of this great effort.
  • Two newsletters were sent at specific dates, as to inform and then remind subscribers of this exceptional event.
  • A Facebook/ Instagram campaign was held through Astralón’s accounts, while posts were constantly carried out through Astralón’s digital channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and our Newsletter. A banner was also published for more than two weeks on astralon.gr’s blog.

Finally, we made sure that all users that shared online content (hashtags, mentions, check-ins etc.) of the exhibition were tracked and well acknowledged.



  • Significant increase of physical traffic at the gallery during the 10 days of the exhibition.
  • Increased awareness around the artist and the name of the exhibition.
  • Facebook Event: Reach 6.800 users.
  • Reduction of advertising budget as a result of users’ engagement and word of mouth advertising.
  • Over 55% open rate at the newsletter which was sent before the opening from the artist’s account.
  • Over 350% increase of Facebook page views.
  • +176% new Facebook page likes.
  • +393% Facebook Page Reach.
  • +223% Facebook Post Engagement.
  • Over 750 friends physically attended the opening night to admire the artist’s artwork.
  • For 10 days we were very happy to constantly welcome visitors and guide them through artworks.
  • Unique handmade creations were acquired by art collectors.
  • Several proposals were discussed about the sequel of this journey.


Facebook Page
Facebook Event
Newsletter Campaign
Roubina Sarelakou’s Website

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