Architecture meets illustration and our beloved Mirna Marijanović captures in her own special way our world, the world of Astralón.

London, Thessaloniki, Sifnos, and Athens. And somewhere in between we met Mirna and we decided to make our new cover together. Always sweet, cheerful and with an admirable optimism and enthusiasm for life, she agreed to design for us, our small community. Her own perspective on life, which became ours and hopefully yours as well. A special look at a world that we may – why not – identify with!

Our new cover highlights a romantic, utopian depiction of a cityscape and what it could include. A playfully illustrated world that “concentrates” inside the lives of all of us, our jobs, our travels, our choices, our entertainment, and even our escape and dreams. Everything is depicted densely and in abundance, but with a colorful and intense mood – as the one we want to have towards life. 


Mirna Marijanović was born and raised in the city of Thessaloniki. A multicultural girl from Croatia and Sifnos, that being the reason for the Cycladic aura completing her artistic profile. She completed her studies at the School of Architecture of Volos while currently she lives and works in London, as an architect and illustrator. After completing her postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art in the Visual Communication department she participated in many exhibitions and projects in Greece and London. Finally, she works as a multidisciplinary designer, a furniture designer, a freelancer creator of video games’ environments while she also designs creative workshops with various communities.

You can find out more about Mirna Marijanović here.