From Viber to Instagram Stories and from iMessage to Facebook Messenger, boost your online presence with branded GIFs & stickers!

GIFs & stickers are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of digital communication, a new global language and the new dynamic medium of engagement between brands or organizations and online users.

Millions of people are daily searching and sharing the “perfect” GIF (aka Graphics Interchange Format). These small animations are used to describe our mood fast and funnily, to say “good morning”, to express a silent sneer or our thoughts, and to replace emojis and pictures.

According to a survey conducted on behalf of Tenor, 36% of millennials who use “visual expressions” such as emojis, GIFs and stickers say that those images better communicate their thoughts and feelings than words do. Moreover, if their penetration in our communication continued at this rate, they would likely replace words by 2027!

In fact, Facebook acquired in a deal worth around $400 million back in may 2020, confirming the dynamics of the medium. Their viral spread may also be explained by the facts that the human brain processes images 60.000 faster than text, while our attention is captured by something moving rather than something staying still.
GIFs & stickers are a valuable tactic for businesses, organisations and artists to get in touch with their audience in a more friendly and warm manner, so fun that users finally choose to use them even for their more intimate moments.

Their success can be proved by comparing digital content that includes or does not include GIFs & stickers and more specifically by the increased number of clicks and click-through-rate of emails containing GIFs, compared to those that don’t and the greater engagement rate of a social media post. An instagram story with a cool GIF sometimes becomes something you want to share with your friends and family.

We may find GIFs & stickers in many platforms and apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Tenor, Viber, WhatsApp, Tinder, Mailchimp, TikTok, Slack, iMessage, Trello and the list goes on.

Start planning a strategy that follows your brand’s or organisation’s goals and integrate your unique GIFs & stickers to increase awareness, share stories with branded elements, answer messages in the most inspiring way and basically create a strong connection with your audience in all platforms mentioned above.

Let’s create unique content, of high aesthetics and compliant with every channel’s policy and find the right timing to express yourself. Visit our giphy channel that has more than 31 million views and contact Astralón’s team for more!

Data Source: Time, Facebook