Ho-ho-how nice it would be if we could give 2022 the shape of our choice! 

Would it be cutting-edge or flat? Rounded & smooth or sharp & strong-structured?
Let’s take a piece of paper, and try folding it around the Christmas tree, turning it into a unique finished sculpture.
After all, creating is the only way to shape the future!


As this challenging year is about to end, we decided to enhance our creativity and practice our patience -a little bit more- with a special origami craft! We have drawn different patterns that you can download here, print, and make your own little festive Christmas trees! Try all different motives to decorate your space or offer as a handmade gift to your beloved people. Share with us your joy and excitement of mastering the paper folding art, by sending photos of your jolly little trees… or your unfinished trials that are still worth all of our admiration!


Don’t forget to hide your wishes inside the little trees and let us all wish for a new year filled with laughter and joy, peace and creativity, more happy news, and fun!

You can see the instructions below and you can also keep in mind these useful tips:

-It is easier to make the folds if you are folding the paper on both sides & applying pressure with a little object or your nail.

-When you are about to crumble the paper, take a step back & check the next step.

Have a happy holiday, everybody!

Click the button and start foldin’