Ladies & Gentlemen, 
let us present you the case study of the musical dance show Broadway Nights, which was held for two unique sold out performances at Thessaloniki Concert Hall, in January of 2018.

Broadway Nights is a musical collage from the most famous musicals around the world, in which the musical company K’s Blink starred, consisting of 75 performers, who equally come from an acting, a music or a dancing background.

The direction, the choreographies and the costume design belonged to the multi talented Dimitra Kastellou, who decided to go digital, communicate online this admirable effort of the whole team and hopefully achieve a successful sold out performance. And that’s when we asked: “What about two sold outs?”

There are many explanations why this project was truly exceptional for everyone. For one reason, this year 167 artists participated in the show performing on stage!
For another reason, the specific project was outside the strictly commercial sphere, which offered us a great opportunity to explore new marketing grounds. Here are some key points:


Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Concert Hall

The Challenge

  • To increase brand awareness.
  • To engage the targeted audience and involve them to the journey of the performance, encouraging their interactions.
  • To involve and present all team members, as to show our appreciation for their participation.
  • To increase ticket sales.

Target Audience

  • People who live in the north part of Greece (Thessaloniki, Serres, Drama, Veria, Katerini etc.).
  • Theater and musical films enthusiasts and entertainment seekers.
  • Friends of the team and friends of arts.



Our team had only three months and developed a digital strategy, which was based on the challenges defined above and aligned with all others types of advertisements (press and television).
We identified segments to develop efficient target groups for every promotional activity and to increase engagement.

  • Social media editorial calendars were prepared on a monthly basis to ensure an up to date stream of content, which were prepared by the team.
  • Both Facebook and Instagram accounts were created, communicating all the hard work of the team day by day. A Facebook contest was set up increasing brand awareness and generating a favorable word of mouth and users’ recommendations.
  • A Facebook event – with 3.4K responses! – was organised and effectively informed users who were interested in attending the performance.
  • We explored almost every Facebook and Instagram format, as photos, videos, texts, canvas, carousels, lead forms, live videos, stories and gifs.
  • Retargeting ads were served to users, a month before the show, when the tickets were on sale. We also created a sparking Facebook frame, giving users the opportunity to take selfies and share the picture in a unique way!
  • We made sure to constantly search the web and track all mentions by the team or the press that featured the performance. We also created content around partners of this great night.
  • A newsletter was sent a few days before the big night to inform and remind subscribers to book their ticket.
  • Α playlist with most of the original songs selected by K’s Blink musical company for their show, was created on Spotify streaming platform, uploaded on and shared around social media platforms.
  • Posts were constantly carried out through Astralón’s digital channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and our Newsletter. A banner was also published for more than two weeks on’s blog.

Finally, our specific hashtags #broadwaynights2018 and #broadwaynightsGR helped us track all mentions.



  • Two magical sold out performances, with capacity of each at 1.200 seats.
  • Ten minutes of applaud, countless hugs and tears of joy at the end of each performance.
  • Increase of awareness around K’s Blink team and their exceptional effort.
  • Reduced advertising spent as a result of users’ engagement and word of mouth advertising.
  • Over 2.000 facebook page likes in just 90 days.
  • Our Facebook frame was added to photos more than 150 times.
  • Facebook Event: Reach 179.000 users/ 10.000 Views / 3.400 Responses.
  • Facebook Campaigns 7,836 users took action/ 8,119 video views/ 221,773 total impressions.


Facebook Page
Instagram Account
Facebook Event
Newsletter Campaign
Broadway Nights Website





Photos by Don Giorgos.