We welcome spring with ultra-interesting music concerts!

Αpril is here with sunny days but also accompanied by rainy and cloudy moments, which – for sure – cannot stop us from attending special concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki. From ambient to classical music, and from electronic pop to new wave and synth pop, here are some of our team’s suggestions. 

Location: Gagarin 205 Live Music Space, Athens
Date: 8 April 2023

As part of their tour, which started in 2022 and continues, the Austrian band, HVOB, is also coming to Greece. On Saturday, April 8th, they will take to the Gagarin 205 stage to perform, where they will present their latest album, TOO, among other things songs, and show us why they are one of the most iconic electronic pop acts in the world right now.

Lip Forensics, shortly before the release of their new album, entitled ”APOPHENIA”, will open this unforgettable music event.

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Τim Hecker
Location: Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall
Date: 19 April 2023

A figure that captures the history of ambient in a unique appearance in Greece. The award-winning Canadian composer, music producer and sound artist, Tim Hecker, will unfold, in front of the Athenian audience, all his talent and sounds, symbols of a unique intersection between disharmony, electronic noise and melody, with which he has engaged throughout his career.

Special guests, Saber Rider and Anna vs June, are two promising presences in electronic music. Having cooperated recently, the two musicians move between improvisation and elements of different cultures and cultures, which have influenced them musically and stylistically, creating sounds that represent them and fascinate their listeners.

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Marc Almond
Location: Christmas Theatre, Athens
Date: 28 April 2023

Soft Cell’s iconic image and singer will visit us once again, this time in Athens and the Christmas Theatre (though we are now entering the Holy Week of the Greek Orthodox Easter). The British singer-songwriter and musician will cover his 40-year career, presenting some of his all-time classic hits with his vibrato voice. 

Songs about love, loss, joy and sexuality will overwhelm us like always, reminding us why he is one of the most beloved artists of the new wave and electro-pop era.

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Piandaemonium, 6 pianos – 12 pianists
Location: Thessaloniki Concert Hall
Dates: 27 April 2023 – 29 April 2023

A group of good friends combats the loneliness of the pianist by creating a piano orchestra, in an attempt to redefine the traditional sound of the piano in a new framework. The unique Piandaemonium piano group was founded in 1998 after the initiative of Domna Evnouchidou and it initially consisted of herself and eleven of her former pupils, before returning to action.

S. Tsiligkiridis: In C Lines 6*2 for 6 pianos-12 pianists
Α. Anisegkos: Styx for 6 pianos-12 pianists
G. Fitkin: Line for 6 pianos-6 pianists
Ν. Skalkotas: Three Greek dances for 6 pianos-6 pianists
(arrangement Th. Kotepanos)
Four Miniatures by Greek composers for 6 pianos-12 pianists (D. Oikonomou, S. Dimou, E. Samoutis, D. Maronidis)
Conducted by Dionysis Pantis
Ν. Anadolis: Old jazz memories for 6 pianos-12 pianists
S. Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet for 6 pianos-12 pianists
(excerpts, arrangement Th. Kotepanos)

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