Flowers bloom in Athens, and art follows!

Leaving the small not-so-cold-this-year winter behind, we are ready to welcome spring and the beautiful excursions around our city, Athens.
Obviously, those “walks” will have a cultural breath as you read your much-loved art calendar. Put on your March bracelet and wander through these interesting artistic selections.


Modern Love or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies | Group Exhibition
Location: EMST
Duration: 15/12/2022 – 28/05/2023

Modern Love is a big group exhibition which focuses on the influence of digital technology and the internet on modern societies and on their relationship with the body, the speech and the labor.  Curated by Katerina Gregou, artistic director of EMST, the exhibition is about love and close human ties in the age of late capitalism, globalization, digital interconnection and social media.

It examines how the internet and social media have, on the one hand, facilitated the expression of different identities and alternative ways of being  and how, on the other hand, they play an aggravating role in the cultivation of narcissism, obsession with self-promotion, and the commercialization of emotion.

Modern Love, is an exhibition about the embodied experience of the digital and the disembodied experience of proximity in today’s post-pandemic era, in the years of cold intimacies.

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Nouveau réalisme | Group Exhibition
Location: Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, Athens
Duration: 11/01/2023 – 09/04/2023

This is the first temporary exhibition of international scope organized by the museum, aiming to introduce to the Greek public an explosive, revolutionary visual movement of the 60s, between Dada and Pop Art. The tribute is carried out in collaboration with international organizations including the Pompidou Center.

The New Realism was born on October 27, 1960, when the first nine creators, with a joint declaration on a blue paper, proclaimed “new perceptual approaches to the real”. All of them denied the aesthetic ideals until then and marked the world, in an urban industrialized society dominated by advertising and mass production

It is an exhibition full of vitality, with colors and forms that cause mental well-being, but also that push the visitor to enter the subversive universe of art. After all, the group of artists who joined the Nouveau réalisme movement, whose works have been presented for a few days now at the Goulandris Museum in Pagrati, had set this goal from the beginning: to see reality with their own eyes, to remake it with their own measure.

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I…Loop de Loop… | Exhibition
Artist: Steve Gianakos
Location: Citronne Gallery
Duration: 11/01/2023 – 09/04/2023

Steve Gianakos presents in Citronne gallery his large-scale works of 2022. This section is also framed by six older projects, references to his previous work. His art is provocative and refuses to be categorized. Characteristic of his work are powerful images and narratives which cause surprise, disbelief, embarrassment and even threat to the viewer.

The central figure in Steve Gianakos’ exhibition I…Loop de Loop…, is a non-binary figure, a male face with a curly mustache placed on different female bodies. As Art History professor Thanasis Moutsopoulos notes, “for the first time in Gianakos’ colorful universe, the gender-bender appears so strongly. In a way it is a natural continuation of his earlier work, where the dissolution and deconstruction of forms played a leading role. Equally (the gender-bender) is presented as a natural perpetuation, due to the sexual freedom that has always characterized his work.

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In Between | Solo Art Exhibition & Workshops
Artist: Iason Venetsanopoulos
Location: Amalias 36, Athens
Duration: 09/03/2023 – 19/03/2023

In his fourth solo exhibition, Iason Venetsanopoulos introduces himself not only as a painter but also as a mental health counselor and negotiates the way these two sides of him coexist and influence each other. The artist’s aim is the exhibition work as  a pole of attraction for experiential experience and intellectual reflection, around art and psychotherapy, as well as their role in our lives today.

Parallel to the exhibition, four different seminars will be held inviting the public to participate in interactive discussions, moderated by mental health professionals, in an art environment.

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