Just a breath before the departure for our summer destinations, Astralón’s selections of art events emerge one more time.

While packing your bags for your most carefree vacation, Astralón proposes four exhibitions, three of them located on enchanting islands and one in Athens. We hope art will come your way and you will enjoy it, relaxed and tanned!


Dream Machines | Exhibition
Location: DESTE Foundation Project Space, Slaughterhouse, Hydra
Duration: 20/6/2023 – 30/10/2023

The exhibition of the DESTE Foundation entitled “Dream Machines”, curated by Daniel Birnbaum and Massimiliano Gioni, is a small exhibition that studies the impact of technology on the human imagination.

It is an international, important exhibition that explores whether technology can serve humans, how we can continue to dream of utopia, opposes technophobia and, if nothing else, puts many questions to techno skeptics.

The emergence of new means always creates new possibilities for art, and every era has its own key artists, through their works crystallize new encounters between technology and creativity. The exhibition itself is transformed into a “machine”, with the works listed in a mechanical ballet, unfolding in the premises of the Slaughterhouse in Hydra.

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Thermia Project | Art Residency
Location: Kythnos Island
Duration: 17/8/2023 – 25/8/2023

Thermia Project is an art residency program in Kythnos, founded and directed by Odette Kouzou. Established in 2022, the program focuses on creating a dialogue between contemporary art and local tradition

The works created during the hosting of the visual artists in Kythnos originate from their observation and involvement with the natural and cultural landscape of Kythnos – dry stones, folk songs, traditional tales, domestic animals, natural flora. The works are governed by a narrative character and narrate relationships encountered in the everyday life of the place.

This year, the artist residency program Thermia Project presents the contemporary art exhibition “Caring/Carrying Landscapes” curated by Odette Kouzou.

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Iannis Xenakis: Sonic Odysseys | Exhibition
Location: EMST
Duration: 29/6/2023-07/1/2024

EMST opens its doors to Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001), one of the most important creators of the 20th century, who with his diverse and ground-breaking work paved new paths for the culture of the 21st century. 

Co-produced by ΕΜΣΤ and the Philharmonie de Paris, the exhibition focuses on the most important and ground-breaking work of Xenakis’s visual, literary, architectural, and musical output, while illuminating his personal history by contextualising the composer in his times, and the political and cultural movements that defined him as an artist.

The initiative for the Xenakis exhibition is in line with one of the museum’s missions, which is, among other things, to highlight the work of prominent or even lesser known but significant cultural practitioners of the Greek diaspora.

The exhibition is organized around six chapters, focusing on some of Xenakis’ most seminal works, both musical and architectural. A narrative thread, both thematic and chronological, invites the visitor to absorb Xenakis’ unique world through both sight and sound. The exhibition includes 20 musical and architectural opuses, 220 original and archival documents: photos, models, scores and personal items as well as a number of audio-visual works.

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5th Small Biennale of Contemporary Art | Exhibition
Location: Mountados, Tinos Island
Duration: 21/7/2023 – 20/8/2023

The “5th Small Biennale of Contemporary Art – visual wandering in Mountado”, is being prepared for the summer of 2023. The Association of Apandachou Mountados, Mireille Lienard, Philippe Fraisse and Ilias Sigalas, are working together for this unique exhibition.

Eleven famous artists from different parts of the world come to exhibit their own proposal on our theme this year “ROOTS”.

Choosing the theme Roots for this 5th Biennale and using the plural, the organizers aim to open the doors of creation, playing with the innumerable meanings covered by this “word”. From the literal meaning that refers to the plant world, to its multiple metaphorical meanings such as origin, beginning, birth, source, etc. The “word” as interpreted by the artists, invites us to question our own roots.

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