Some of our last year’s memories to reflect upon and to be inspired for new adventures.
On y va!

No matter how a year may be, it’s always a period full of intense, dynamic and important moments for us. Within a framework of a nice & cute workspace, where everyone has added their unique touch, a personal detail, we have experienced a no-one-can-argue-that-it-was-a-rollercoaster last year. Moments of delicious flavours, funny and challenging games (Chryssa is still winning at Jenga), and unpredictable events, like the extremely tight space behind our screen, were there to make us laugh and take our minds a bit off our work load.

Friends and colleagues have dropped by physically or mentally, with their emails, artworks, posters and gifts. We sometimes escaped our walls by taking small walks out on the lovely Sina street, photosynthesing during our breaks with every kind of coffee you can think of and some desserts (yay!). And of course our basil, Vasilis as we call it, was there to guard our gate and freshen up our spirit. Always, with the amazing view of sunset, visible from our spot.

So, we choose to keep those great moments from this year, and keep looking forward to the next ones that are about to come!

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