We asked Danai to illustrate our new front cover, and she came up with this summerish pop beauty.

Danai Papadopoullou (aka Dan Pap) is a young, talented and sweet little lady that was born and raised in Athens. She is a cute weirdo sometimes, a thing we probably liked most about her and so invited her to illustrate our new front cover. After a long hot summer and tons of ideas, we ended up with this pop beauty above.

From a young age Dan Pap drew based on the exotic adventures of her mind. At the age of ten she declared that she wanted to be a dancer or an illustrator. Meanwhile, she aspired to conquer Da Vinci’s eloquence in drawing. As a teenage fan of rock music, she dreamt of working for the cinema and the music industry.

She studied illustration and visual communication in England and Wales, continuing to draw inspiration from cinema, literature, music and contemporary culture.

She now works as a freelance illustrator and designer in Athens. Her creations are fuelled with intense emotions, Athens’ multifaceted charm, nostalgic memories of her years as a student, and other things that she has not experienced yet.

We gathered for you some of her artwork, while you can visit her website to learn more about her.astralon-news-dan-pap-overlaps