Our latest Jukebox is a multi-collective journey, featuring a diverse array of music styles from around the world. Enjoy the songs we’ve loved over the past few months.

Hip-hop, soul, nu-jazz, electro, indie, post-punk, glam-rock, neo-psychedelia, world music… Our spring issue spans more than six decades of these vibrant genres, reflecting our emotions and daily cravings.

From Kamasi Washington and Ice Cube to Khruangbin, MGMT, Camera Obscura, Marina Satti, Nada, Yin Yin, Obongjayar, Tony Allen, and Onda Vaga, we invite you to embark on a musical journey with us. Even our newest member, Liam the puppy, loved it!

Turn up the volume and dive in fearlessly.

On image Ares Buras’ old Sony CD Walkman.