Mid-September, but we are still listening to the songs we loved during the summer.

Let’s face it, living in Greece is not always the easiest thing. After the return from our August vacation, our numb minds still try to understand what the heck is going on in this land and reckon with the deep and enduring scars, after the devastating wildfires in Rhodes Island and the Evros district (stated as Europe’s biggest wildfire), the floods in Thessaly, not to mention other daily negative facts that are always there to shock us.

During these – at times – chaotic days, we are organising the new season in our office, while we are recalling some of the songs, both old and new ones, that kept us cool, calm and entertained in the summertime.

Enjoy Andrew Bird’s, Grian Chatten’s, Aphex Twin’s and Stereo Nova’s new pieces of music, remember The Pogues’, Alpaville’s and The Durutti Column’s summer, shake your hips with Baxter Dury, The Clash, Gabriels or Mo’ Horizons, to name a few.

Click play and listen to Astralón Jukebox 16 on Spotify or YouTube!

*Our image includes a cassette by the independent Logarithm Cassette Label.