The summer wind brought to our office songs by Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Duke Ellington, Kings of Convenience, Lorde, Leon Bridges, Moby, Caribou and Burna Boy – among others.

Oh well, another glorious and adventurous summer came into our life this year. Full of surprises, sad and unfortunate events, endings and new beginnings, vaccinations and heart-wrenching wildfires, successes and disappointments as well. But after all, in this almost 2-year pandemic period, just standing here now, gathering songs for our seasonal playlist and writing to you, is by itself a happy fact.

And now that our summer vacation has also come to an end and we returned to our daily routine, we dive again into the lovely and catchy songs of Lorde, who brings heat and solar power to our hearts, Kings of Convenience, the beloved duo that has returned with another acoustic gem, Damon Albarn who delivers another solo album, and Leon Bridges who released a Gold-Digger Sound, indeed. The song that was probably played the most in our office and we REΕΕΕALLY loved was Bleachers’ “Chinatown”, with the guest appearance of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, while we shook our booty with Burna Boy, B Beat Girls, Caribou, and Quantic’s remix to a Khruangbin fave.

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*On image are displayed Ares’ Beats wireless headphones.