Uplifting, fresh and more endoscopic at times, this is the second Astralón Jukebox, with tunes that sparked our daily life during the winter.

The winter of 2019-20, long before coronavirus haunted our lives, had started with – believe us – lots of Christmas tunes, but we decided – for obvious reasons – not to include them in the following playlist. Instead, we preferred to focus on artists that released new records, came to our morning routine because of a conversation, a sweet memory that clung to our mind or an announcement of an upcoming concert.

Super mega duets like Massive Attack, Orbital, Pet Shop Boys and Underworld – few months before their live concerts in Athens – were definitely on our speakers while we were creating original content and campaigns for our beloved collaborators, indie darlings like Balthazar, Vampire Weekend, Razorlight and Tame Impala, stood next to our every day digital trips, all time classic heroes like Charles Mingus, Gil Scott-Heron, The Specials and Lee “Scratch” Perry accompanied us while we were filling our new reports and infographics.

So, that’s enough with the written words, enjoy our second playlist on Spotify and YouTube, and don’t forget to whistle next to Jay-Jay Johanson!

*On image is displayed one of Ares’ turntables.