Summer is here and apart from the flooded beaches, our cities are flooded with art.

Just before we start our summer getaways to magical destinations, we dive into some cultural spots in Athens and Thessaloniki. So if you are still in the urban neighborhoods, cool down by following our impressive art exhibitions’ suggestions below.


“Plásmata” | A digital art exhibition
Location: Pedion tou Areos, Athens
Duration: 23/05/2022 – 10/07/2022

Onassis Stegi returns to Pedion tou Areos Park with a new digital art exhibition, “Plásmata: Bodies, Dreams, and Data” that explores the body.

The individual and the collective, the human and the non-human, the planetary, are some of the body versions that occupy the international artists and the 25 works with which they participate in the exhibition, exploring how technologies and technologically constructed worlds shape and affect bodies and identities.

Installations, videos, sculptures, films, lighting and interactive works have been placed in various parts of the park, capturing in the digital world the new creatures and the new identities that emerge in our time.

This year, the exhibition will follow paths that ask us to discover parts of the park that remain largely unknown to the general public. The exhibition starts from the statue of King Constantine and reaches the Theater Alsos and the pine forest that exists above it.

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Athens Photo Festival 2022
Location: Peiraios 138 Benaki Museum, Athens
Duration: 08/06/2022 – 24/07/2022

The exhibition takes place at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, including 102 artists from 28 countries. The Main Program will occupy all the exhibition spaces of the Museum, covering over 3,000 square meters.

With an obvious orientation in contemporary photography, the Festival focuses with an exploratory and critical mood on the issues and concerns of today’s social reality, highlighting the role of photography and visual culture.

At the core of the Athens Photo Festival, in addition to exhibitions, is an engaging and multi-layered program of onsite and online events and year-round activities, including education and public programs, talent development initiatives, social practice, and community outreach.

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(Co)Laboratory on citizenship
Location: Victoria Square Project, Athens
Duration: 20/05/2022 – 22/06/2022

KOLLEKTIVA for social innovation and culture, and Victoria Square Project invite you to the exhibition (Co)Laboratory on citizenship”, its works and actions that they call for deal with identity, Greekness, equality, diversity, democracy, integration, not only as a representation but as a lived experience of coexistence and co-creation.

Six artists, from different backgrounds and practices but at the same time with many similar elements, surrounded by curators, anthropologists and activists, discuss and create arising from the current citizenship law in Greece. Through a collaborative process consisting of meetings and workshops with partners from Generation 2.0 and Anasa Cultural Center they inspire and are inspired by questioning whether artistic creation could evoke social functioning and strengthen participation in tackling crises, inequalities and stereotypes, and whether culture could contribute to social change, development and activation of communities.

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Organic Art. The Avant-Garde in Petrograd
MOMus-Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki
Duration: 05/06/2022 – 26/02/2023

Music, literature, architecture, cinema, theater, dance, science and art in Russia during the first three decades of the 20th century are built and developed in a common trajectory, in the context of the inter-artistic aesthetic phenomenon later named by the art historians “Russian Avant-Garde”. There were many artists who during this period fought for a better society through art but in the 1930s art was banned and they were persecuted or isolated.

One of the most important examples of the composition of the arts and the relationship between art and nature can be seen in the Petrograd / Leningrad School of Organic Education. This special mosaic / fermentation and creation framework is captured in the new exhibition of MOMus-Museum of Modern Art – Costakis Collection at Lazariston Monastery, entitled “Organic Art. Avant-Garde in Petrograd”.

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